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Rudy Gobert and Bradley Beal named players of the week: A first for the Frenchman

Players of the week have been announced. Rudy Gobert, who was not selected for the All-Star game this year, was just named for the first time of his career, player of the week.

Of course, it doesn’t compare to the honors of being an All-Star, but it’s still pretty good for the ego and for self-confidence. It’s also noticeable that the NBA decided for once to name a player that shines mainly thanks to his defensive abilities.

Over these last four games, Rudy Gobert scored 16.5 points on average, 15.5 rebounds, 2.3 blocks and stunning 69.4% made shots from the field. Under his influence, the Utah Jazz has been able to win three of those four games. We will certainly remember his impressive performance Saturday against the Nets (23 points / 17 rebounds / 3 blocked shots). All of this while being sick, his very own Flu Game.

On the East, Washington’s shooting guard Bradley Beal was the one to receive the weekly honors. Not really a surprise given that he scored 40 points back to back. He also beat his career high 3 points made in a single game (9 shots made against the Memphis Grizzlies).

Simply on fire, his stats are off the charts these last 7 days: 32.5 points, 6.3 rebounds, 7 assists per game and a whooping 52.5% from downtown.

Just like Rudy’s Jazz, the Wizards have won 3 out of 4 games and can still dream of a playoff spot.

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