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There’s only one King in L.A and his name is Lou Williams!

Who can stop him? Once again, Lou Williams carried the Clippers on his back and may have very well guaranteed them a playoff spot thanks to this buzzer beater against the nets.

There are those who speak, and those who ball. How can you not rejoice while watching what the Clippers were able to accomplish this year? If you had to bet on only one LA team making the playoffs this year, no one would have placed a penny on the Clippers. Pat Beverley, Doc Rivers, Montrezl Harrell and co have been able to accomplish what seemed so out of reach for this squad: have a real shot at a playoff spot.

Their formula is simple; just play hard, whoever you’re up against. However, this Sunday, things seemed a little off for them and the Nets were able to pull ahead early on thanks to great team play, focus and fortitude.

Ahead by almost 20 points in the second quarter, they may have thought this one was in the bag already. Huge mistake on their part as Doc Rivers started to crack the code and step by step was able to get his team back on the right track.

Quite a crazy game this was with non-stopping runs, once for LA, once for Brooklyn. Miracles after miracles each team was able to get back in the game and thankfully for the hosts, the biggest miracle was going to happen at the buzzer with this incredible shot from future 6th man of the year, Mister Lou Williams.

How the hell did that shot went in? Maybe it’s better not to try to explain it and just enjoy how crazy this was. To a Clippers fan, maybe this is a regular occurrence with Lou but to anyone else, it’s insane.

“Do not foul” that’s what Kenny Atkinson and his men were thinking about in this very moment. With someone as crafty as Lou Williams and a tense situation like this one, anyone can be tempted to defend rougher than the usual.

He did it so many time in his career, even this season alone, fake a shot and draw a foul in order to go to the line. This time was different, the shooting guard said it himself, all he wanted was to make a left, reach the 3 point line and let it fly.

After working on these difficult shots for years in order to take defenses off-guard, Lou was able to put his plan into action and executed it to perfection.

Catch, fade, shoot, nothing but net… A dream shot! Tonight’s hero allowed the clippers to make one more step towards the playoffs while Lebron and his crew were losing to the Knicks.

This is a big win for the Clippers who should start to prepare for post-season. The Nets, like a lot of other teams this season, can only shake their heads in disbelief having done everything they could to win, in vain.

What was once hypothetical is now starting to look like a reality. The Clippers, led by an on fire Lou Williams are the better team in L.A and will be the city’s only representative in the Playoffs this year.

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