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Lebron James for the win! Annnd denied by Mario Hezonja, the Knicks win a worthless game.

First game of Saint-Patrick’s day, an NBA classic: Knicks against the Lakers.Two mythical franchises, two of the worst teams this season. Do you know what’s funny? Lebron James and his band still managed to lose once again…

Often times, early games on a Sunday are quite often horrible. Pretty much air-ball fests, only this time it wasn’t really the case.

Don’t get me wrong though, we still witnessed awkward moments but we at least got a lot of baskets. The Knicks started things off with a whopping 41 points in the first quarter, thanks to Kevin Knox and Damyean Doston’s long range shots.

Lebron tried to pick up the slack and scored 11 in the second as well as some beautifully dished dimes. Defenses are AWOL but what a show! JaVale McGee and Deandre Jordan gave us some highlights with their very own dunk contest while Allonzo broke Josh Hart’s ankles.

Lebron James is doing Lebron James type things, at least on the offensive end of the court, shots a lot and keeps his Lakers in the game. Johnathan Williams and Alex Caruso are doing the job and helping out a great deal (both former G-League players). The King’s stat line 33/6/8 speaks for itself but he ends up trying too much and we start to wonder if he even trusts anyone on his team at all.

4 minutes left and the Lakers have a confortable 11 point lead, things are looking up for Los Angeles… or not! Luke Walton will have to explain why his players shut down with 3:45 left ! Jordan on an alley-oop, Dotson twice and Hezonja from long range and poof! Gone is the lead. Lebron Misses the killing shot at 123-122, Mudiay takes a foul and goes to the line, Knicks up by one.

Last possession for the Lakers, and the chance to finally win this game. Lebron is in charge, take the shot and gets completely denied by Mario Hezonja. You heard it right, the best NBA player in the world got denied by MARIO FREAKING HEZONJA.

After watching this game, we clearly understood that we just witnessed two very poor basketball teams that are very much alike. What we can say is that the Knicks fought together as one while the Lakers relied on only one man (no offense to Caruso and Williams who did their job). Yet another defeat in a very disappointing season for LAL.

It was Lebron’s first defeat in MSG since 2014 where he at the time was playing for the Miami Heat. If the King isn’t even able to get rid of the Knicks anymore, it’s hard to imagine which big names will want to join forces with him this summer…

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