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Playoff Race: There’s no slowing down the Pacers…

Every year, the race to the top 8 is in full effect. Every team’s patience, stamina and mindset are put to the test. Here is today’s quick recap from east to west!

In both Conferences, this final sprint will be extremely intense to follow every day. Teams switching seats after every game, players getting closer or further away from their goals… All the strategies in place, while the playoffs are closing in, will be interesting to watch. Here are the top priorities and the most important things you should know about today’s games.

The Pacers: we cannot stress this enough, this team is way underrated, with a very clean record and a very pleasant team to watch on the court night after night, this Pacers team could very well be a serious contender in the East.

While everyone agrees that the return of Joel Embiid will grant Philly the third place and that the Celtics are finishing very strong, the Pacers are still holding on to that spot and aren’t showing any signs that they want to give it up. With authority, Wes Matthews saved the Pacers with a game winner, thanks to a poorly boxed out rebound by OKC. They surely are a force to reckon with and will not give a single inch to anyone who has eyes on that 3rd spot.

Meanwhile the Thunder, were tonight’s victims. Standing 3rd in the west, with an outstanding Paul George early on, things were looking bright for Billy Donovan’s squad. However, the Pacers were able to pick up the slack and get back into this game and eventually defeat OKC who have now plunged at the 5th spot in the western conference. Every win is important with teams being this close to each other and the 11th of April is not so far away anymore. We’re in for quite a spectacular ending boys, watch out for that finish line…

Tonight’s big games:

• Sixers – Kings

• Wizards – Hornets

• Heat – Bucks

If the Playoffs started tonight

• Bucks – Heat

• Raptors – Pistons

• Pacers – Nets

• Sixers – Celtics

• Warriors – Clippers

• Nuggets – Spurs

• Rockets – Jazz

• Blazers – Thunder

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