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LaMarcus Aldridge could see himself finishing his career in Portland.

Reuniting with Damian Lillard? That would be amazing! Whenever they were teammates in Portland, Lamarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard never really bonded. Today, things have changed between them and LMA would even be ready to finish his career with the Trail Blazers. If you are a Portland fan, we know you’re already smiling.

Three points is what separates Damian Lillard from LaMarcus Aldridge and the second spot as the all-time best scorer for the Portland franchise (Clyde Drexler being miles ahead).

Damian should pull ahead in their next game against the New-Orleans Pelicans. A symbolic moment for the current franchise player who will surpass the previous one. An event that is happening now that the two players are thinking about playing with each other and who are becoming friends (which was not always the case in the past).

Jason Quick reported that the two players had a somewhat complicated relationship. We’re not talking Kobe and Shaq type of stuff but let’s just say they weren’t the best of friends.

This created a lot of rumors at the time, which gave birth to numerous tensions within the squad. Since Lamarcus’ trade to the Spurs in 2015, both players have learned to forget the past thanks to Jamal Crawford. Him being a very close LMA friend and having the same agent as DL, Jamal helped bringing the two players together to make peace.

“I keep telling him I’m going to come back and finish [in Portland]. That’s something him and I have talked about, playing together again.”

LMA and Dame reunited under Portland’s banners? Hell yeah! Even though they have only played 3 seasons together, they sure have lived some great moments. Who remembers Lillard’s Buzzer beater during Game 6 of the 2014 playoffs first round against the Houston Rockets when LMA jumped in his arms?

A winning shot that allowed the Blazers to win their first playoff series since 2000, a win that was greatly due to the dynamic duo. These magical moments, they could come back according to the current Spur big man. His contract with the Spurs runs until 2021 but they have had the opportunity to play together under Team Lebron during the All-Star Weekend in Charlotte.

“We were more connected than anybody else at All-Star weekend,” Lillard said. “Over the course of that weekend, we interacted on a genuine level. It was cool for us.”

“Once we aired it out and realized it we never had an issue, it made it easy for us to reconnect,” Aldridge said. “It felt effortless to be around each other, so we were talking in locker room, joking about us in the pick-and-roll, and doing it again one day.”

LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard are now closer than ever and this could very well lead them to be reunited very soon under the same banner, what a happy ending this would be, right?

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