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According to Khris Middleton, Giannis Antetokounmpo is limitless.

MVP, Hall of famer, even Grece president, everything is possible for the Greek Freak. That’s what his teammate seems to be thinking at least. Most improved player in 2017, Giannis is still impressing and improving each season and is now a serious candidate for this year’s MVP title.

Individually, collectively, Giannis Antetokounmpo is amazing and can be proud of this 2018-2019 campaign with the Bucks. His stats are off the charts, his domination on the court is crushing for any adversary and he lifts his teammates up in a way that has been very rarely seen.

However, let’s not forget that the Milwaukee Bucks are a very good team, even without him and is amazingly coordinated by Coach Mike Budenholzer.

This year, only two players in the league could receive the MVP trophy, Giannis or Houston’s franchise player, James Harden. The race for this individual trophy is not over yet and things could still go either way.

However, things aren’t even close in Khris Middleton’s mind:

« Right now, I’m going to go with my guy Giannis. He’s having a great year; He’s leading us to first place right now. He’s doing everything for us. When you look at his numbers, you look at our team, you look at how we’re winning and everything, I think he’s the clear candidate right now”

Of course, you don’t expect the other Bucks All-Star to side with James Harden but he clearly has a point. For Middleton, Giannis could even become the new face of the NBA and replace Lebron.

« I think LeBron is the best player in the world, as far as overall in his career and what he’s doing for this league on and off the court. But I think Giannis is headed in that direction. Giannis is still 24. LeBron is in his 30s now. »

« I think Giannis can be a LeBron-type player, like an all-world, Hall of Famer, MVP, legend, one of the best ever. He’s doing the right things to put himself in that situation. I think he will get there. »

At only 24, the Greek Freak is only at the beginning of his career and his improvement has already beaten everyone’s early expectactions about him. Sky is the limit for such a unique player with incredible athletic abilities, basketball IQ and his dominance on both ends of the floor.

We have simply never seen a guy like him before and we cannot wait to see him in his prime. To be this young, this good and to still have so much to learn and room for improvement (his shooting for example) is quite scary and unfair to the rest of the league. Now Giannis can take his team to the top of the NBA. After an astonishing regular season, he knows that the playoffs are where true champions reveal themselves. Maybe they won’t win the NBA this season, but it would be a big letdown if they didn’t reach the conference finals.

The last time the Bucks reached this stage of the competition was in 2001, where they lost in 7 games to the Sixers and their MVP Allen Iverson. Since then, the Bucks have yet to win a single Playoff round. We can only hope that Giannis and his crew will put an end to this.

There is no limit to Giannis’ potential and we can only be greatefull to be able to witness this great player bloom before our eyes and takeover the NBA world now and for the years to come.

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