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Five Year Extension for Daryl Morey as Rocket’s General Manager

After long negotiations with the Rockets, Daryl Morey finally got the deal he wanted. A five years extension with the Texan franchise with a final goal in mind: hunt down the Warriors and finally get that ring.

One man has been working nights and days in order to bring down the Warriors empire, him. Gregg Popovich, RC Buford, Steven Adams, all great leaders who are possible contenders with their respective teams. They all tried to slow down the Golden State Warriors Dynasty but no one came as close as Daryl Morey has.

In the recent months, the recruitment choices to build a team around James Harden were made to shoot for the title. That team is currently the only one that can bring down the Dubs in the playoffs. Last year, Morey’s plan was perfectly executed for the first 5 games. A 3-2 lead in the western conference finals. But fate sometimes has a funny way to bring down even the most well thought out plans…

Chris Paul got hurt, and the Rocket house was brought down in a mountain of despair while Curry and his Squad were breaking out the champagne. Today, the Rockets have a chance for a do-over. Granted their regular season was less impressive than last year, but the level at which they are playing is top notch.

Morey only knows the elite level, he could have joined the Sixers before finally extending his contract in Houston in order to finish what he started. Daryl’s biggest dream would be to hang a banner on the roof of the Toyota Center, and if possible, beating Golden State in the process. He still has a long way to go but he has 5 more years to reach his goal.

Obviously, when you look back on the blood, sweat and tears Morey has put into building this team, we are happy to watch him be able to take it further without any second thoughts. For some people, the contract distribution of last summer was not optimal.

For example, the 4-year extension granted to Chris Paul for 160 million was a bit questionable. While the point guard is still amazing, it’s very difficult to know if CP3 will still be worth it in two years, when the competition would have toughened up and that he will almost be 36… Their Big Three would cost 100 million dollars a year, in 2020-2021. Maybe Capela, Paul and Harden will totally be worth it, or maybe Morey will be stuck with big salaries filling his cap and players not delivering up to their value.

One thing is for sure though; Daryl’s rise was no accident and is a testimonial to the efficiency of statistical analysis in sports. Morey’s priority will be to keep Mike D’Antoni this summer.

If you don’t like the way this Houston team was built, go on your way. But if you think that this team has a chance to take down the Warriors in the West, it’s mainly thanks to this man: Daryl Morey, an architect doing Rocket science…

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