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There is apparently NO CHANCE that the Pelicans trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers

If the Laker’s season is already over with almost no chance for them to make the playoffs, all isn’t lost. Well, that’s at least what the Lakers want to believe. They are still working the Anthony Davis case as they made this player their number one priority, and it clearly isn’t going their way so far.

What’s most consistent nowadays to a Lakers fan, is the incoming flow of bad news. Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram injuries, not making the playoffs, Lebron playing like he doesn’t want to be there, whenever Jeannie Buss speaks… They clearly aren’t living the most exciting season.

Since Lebron’s injury in late-december, rumors about Anthony Davis have resurfaced. By placing almost the integrality of Luke Walton’s roster in the trade to possibly get the New Orleans All-Star, the team is no longer performing well. Both on and off the court, the Lakers are in a bad spot while the tought of AD coming to town is becoming more blurred by the minute.

Of course, Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka can still make a big offer next June, and they will. However, even if the Pelicans have a new GM since February, they don’t seem too keen on trading their franchise player to the Lakers. Boston, Chicago or any other franchise, why not? But trading AD to a team that already has Lebron and is playing in your conference is probably not a great idea (remember Chris Paul in 2011?). Danny Ferry has quite clear intentions about it, he knows offers will rain this summer for his player but any offer coming from Magic will probably get denied.

“I have been told that there’s no way Anthony Davis is coming here, through the Pelicans. They’re just not going to do it.” Said Marc J. Spears on ESPN

Of course, a lot can still happen in 3 months, the NBA is full of surprises and it has proven that on more than one occasion. But how exactly can you not understand where the Pelicans are coming from with this? Even if both franchises aren’t the best of friends, the players offered by the Lakers in exchange for Davis aren’t just worth it. Lonzo Ball is not an All-Star guaranteed (his father also said he would not play for New Orleans), Kyle Kuzma is overhyped and the boy has shown his current limits. Brandon Ingram with his health issues is not as great of an asset as the Lakers think.

What about the other franchises and what they can offer in exchange for New Orleans’ big man? Boston and Danny Ainge are in the starting blocks and could very well make an offer that the Pelicans couldn’t refuse. The only way the Lakers could sign AD is in 2020 when he becomes a free agent. While that thought is quite sexy, Lebron will be 35 and will play his first season with AD. Not the greatest scenario, not to mention that other franchises in the West are becoming big. It’s a tough one for the Lakers, a real tough one…

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