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Russell Westbrook in playoff mode last night. Yet another triple-double for Beastbrook

Paul George being the talk of the town in OKC this season, we could almost forget how incredible this monster of a player can be sometimes. Tonight, the Nets were feeling alright before Russell Westbrook had to refresh their memories.

Brooklyn will most definitely not easily forget the Oklahoma City franchise of this season. During their first encounter of 18-19, they blew a 20 point lead, courtesy PG who was having one of those nights where he simply is unstoppable.

Last night was no different, except for the executioner. 17 point lead? Here comes Westbrook! After a tedious first quarter, OKC started to pick things up, thanks to Russell who was simply on fire, penetrating, grabbing offensive rebounds, defending left and right.

During the second half, he started dishing dimes and setting up his teammates for high quality shots which eventually helped them a great deal getting back into this game.

Even with his 31 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists and 3 steals, Westbrook isn’t the only factor that allowed this comeback. Grant and Adams did a great job on the defensive end.

5 Minutes left in the game, Westbrook goes for the kill, +13, Brooklyn time-out, celebration, end clap.

These last three months have been all about Paul George in OKC (quite deserved as he simply is in the best form of his career). Still recovering from his injury, someone had to step-up during this period. Who better than the 2017 MVP could take that role? Russell is having less and less off shooting nights and we are slowly seeing him getting back into the groove we were so used to see him in.

When Russ plays like this, even the haters have nothing to say. This 26th Triple-double this season for him was done in complete smoothness, which only confirms how special this player really is. RW Will probably finish, for the third consecutive season with a triple-double average. Let that fact sink in for a while…

Hello Playoffs…

We may never witness someone score 100 points again in a single game, but the next guy to average a triple double over 240 games is probably also yet to be born…Westbrook is starting to play at his best level once again, even with all that Utah confusion around him, we were wondering if that was going to affect him on the court. The answer is quite clear and the Nets are here to confirm.

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