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The playoff race is on for the Spurs! Six wins in a row, what is their secret spring recipe?

Every year is the same. The rush for that top 8 spot that put every team to the test is definitely in full effect. Every day, we will cover this last push for a playoff spot, left right and east to west.

In both conferences, the grand final will be extremely intense this year with a lot of team swapping places. This team wants to avoid this one; that other one is thinking about the home court advantage. Every strategy and angle is carefully considered before the end of the regular season. In order for you to get a clear view of important info, here is today’s recap:

Today’s good deal was made by the Spurs. The Texans had dropped a few games during their last road-trip but they have been able to pick things up since then with six wins in a row, and counting. They are moving up the western leaderboard, currently in the 6th spot but only 2.5 games behind OKC and a 4th spot that would grant them the home court advantage for the first round. Not to mention that the San Antonio Spurs will play their next 4 games at home with that goal in mind and a winning mindset. The Knicks, the Blazers, the Heat and the Warriors who just played their worst game of the season are all within San Antonio’s reach.

The Clippers however have now fallen to the 7th spot after losing to the Blazers. Lob City (can we still call them that?) has to be careful not to fall down to the 8th spot which would almost guarantee that they wouldn’t survive more than 4 games against the Dubs in this year’s playoff run?.

Tonight’s big games:

  • Wizards – Magic
  • Thunder – Nets
  • Heat – Pistons
  • Rockets – Warriors

If the playoffs started tonight:

  • Bucks – Heat
  • Raptors – Pistons
  • Sixers – Nets
  • Pacers – Celtics
  • Warriors – Jazz
  • Nuggets – Clippers
  • Rockets – Spurs
  • Thunder – Blazers

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