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Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson : The “Trash Brothers” combine for 22 bricks against the Suns !

With the playoffs a month away, the Golden State Warriors are not out of the woods with yet another loss (4th in six games). Against the worst team in the west, the warriors headed back to the locker room after taking a humiliating 115-111 loss. Maybe the pill would have been a little easier to swallow if the Splash Brothers had not decided to play their worst game of the season simultaneously.

Since their first NBA title in 2015, the dubs have created a new game archetype, based on long-range shots not requiring a center in the paint. Consequence of this 5 year domination, other franchises are starting to catch up and replicate the Bay area tactic with the small-ball getting more and more love.

James Harden for example, is closing in on a thousand 3 points shots taken this season alone while every other team are beating records left and right on this exercise. The originators of this trend are none other than Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, renamed the Splash Brothers in reference of the sound the nets make whenever they score. Thanks to Steve Kerr’s guidance and their incredible accuracy, they both own the 3 best individual performances in the exercise over the course of a game (14, 13 and 12 three-pointers).

They also hold 7 out of 9 season records for most 3 point shots made with the all-time record being held by Stephen Curry and his 402 triples made during the 2015-2016 season. Quite impressive, especially at such a young age, many other records will fall to their hands in the following years. However, even the best fall down sometimes but when it happens in the same game, you get an air-ball fest.

Sunday, the title contenders did not only lose to the second worst team in the league, they also gave a massive headache to the 20 000 Californian fans were in the Oracle Arena that night. Of course, what happened is very rare for these two players but the numbers don’t lie and this statistical failure will forever remain in their mind. March the 10th 2019, the day where two of the best 3 point shooters in the league combined for a terrible 8/30. James Harden is still the record holder with his 16 misses out of 17 attempts but the way the Splash Brothers came together last night for this epic failure is as new as it is baffling.

This performance is indeed very penalizing for the GSW and allows the Denver Nuggets to get closer, trailing only by 1,5 games in the western conference while the Raptors and the Bucks are pulling away in the East and are locking in the home advantage for the NBA finals.

As incredible as it may sound, this is still very far from the worst team performance from behind the arc. With 33 missed shots, it’s not even in the top 30 (fun fact, 21 of those 30 worst performances and held by the Rockets). Under Mike D’Antoni, James Harden, Eric Gordon and co have complete offensive freedom and this can lead to unreal performances like these 47 missed three-pointers earlier this season.

Whether you like it or not, this trend doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Even the very best can have an off night and when they combine, there will be so many bricks in town that even Trump will start attending NBA games for building his wall.

Unfortunately for the people of Oakland, the dubs will move to the other side of the Bay Bridge next summer. Tonight, we have the very last Rockets – Warriors of the season in the Toyota Center. Watch your head as it can very well start raining bricks in Houston tonight.Last night, the Splash Brothers have missed almost every shot they took. Thankfully, the NBA calendar is giving them the opportunity to make it up to their fans very quickly. So let’s watch the real three point contest tonight with this Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets game who should be an amazing one !

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